Friday, December 2, 2011

One step closer to home ownership!

Had the inspection today, and am thus one step closer to home ownership. The inspector tells me that the house has good bones, there are no deal breakers. Some maintenance will be necessary, as is the case for any home and especially an older house. I'll have to watch for ice dams, have the boiler serviced, probably replace the hot water heater in 3-5 years. Will need to replace the gutters earlier, as well as have some wiring handled (will have to get an estimate from the electrician who lives across the street from my parents...), a couple other minor things. Yippee!

Also have the interest rate locked (at 4.375 - conventional). Now to get the paperwork done - I need to provide a couple things yet, then the loan paperwork can be submitted to underwriting. It is looking like I'll get to move into my very own house! With the attic sewing studio!

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