Monday, December 26, 2011

Count Down to Closing!

We did the walk thru today.  All the parts that were in the contract are there, plus a few things I didn't ask for (but expected would be left - blinds, anyone?).  Unless something has come up with the mortgage since Friday evening, the closing will be Wednesday morning. 

So, anyone want the "before" tour?  Even if you don't, here it is...

Starting from the bottom up - the Basement:
Stairs coming down from the back door landing.
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Storage in the mechanicals area.

Laundry Room, aka the Dye Lab

And the other end of the Laundry. The closed door goes into the mechanicals room, the open door into hall.

Basement bathroom - entirely tile shower.

Hall from the bathroom door, mechanicals room behind the bifold doors, the door at the end of the hall is into the family room (aka the Man Cave).  I'm seeing a wall of bookcases lined up down the hallway.  Maybe a reading chair in one of the corners.

One end of the family room (I really like the warm gold color on the walls) the built in bookcase camouflages the gas line and water main.

More storage  on the left - this will likely be where the camping gear goes - room to hang sleeping bags, keep the Thermarest inflated, etc.

The other end of the family room, the door goes out to the hallway.We will need to get a sofa (sleeper?) for this room, and we will put the big TV in here.

Moving up one floor we have:

The Living and Dining Rooms
 Dining Room, looking at the buffet with the windows above.  Love all the windows in the public rooms of the house.  Three windows across the front in both the dining room and the living room, plus windows on either side of the front door.

Dining room looking into the kitchen.  The former owners had cookbooks along the shelf under the counter.

The Living Room - from the sun, you can see there are three windows across the front of this room, too.  Also, love the three windows matching the dining room on the end.  

Moving on, next is the Kitchen:

The kitchen is visible from the front door, so I will have to keep my kitchen neat.  The green counter is fine, but I'm not loving the red walls combined with the counter... We think there is hardwood beneath the flooring.  
Counter and bar between the kitchen and the dining room.  The strip along the back of the counter?  Outlets!  I have never had so many outlets in one room before - and especially not in the kitchen!

Tomorrow, the rest of the house - including my studio room!

Parting shot - Took a walk at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, near the Mall of America
Note the minimal amount of snow.
It was so warm walking I had to take off my jacket, despite the wind.  According to Accuweather, it got to 48 degrees today  No wonder there is no snow for skiing!

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  1. Wow, what a lovely house!!!. I wish that you and your family will be happy in your new home.

    Kindly regards from Spain