Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One More Day to Closing!

Second batch of house photos... Back Hallway - from this vantage (just inside the stairway up), you can see both bedrooms, the doorway to the bathroom (on the right) and the linen closet.
Closet in the smaller bedroom.  I love the storage above the closet, good for spare bedding or out of season clothes.  Given there is no attic space and very little unfinished space in the house, these will be important storage spaces.

Small room from the doorway.

Bathroom - Love the glass block window - no need for curtians and allows plenty of light in.

Larger bedroom - most of the rooms have a ceiling fan - will probably be critical in the summer as the house doesn't have air conditioning.
Larger bedroom closet.  The small framing on the left wall of the closet is a clothes shoot. 

One of my favorite rooms - the 3 Season Porch.  There is at least one window on each wall.  The room is over a crawl space, and does not seem to be insulated. 

I hope to replace the window visible in the photo below with a door and a deck along the back of the house. I love the glass panel door into the porch. 

Other side of the porch.
Moving outside, we have the garage.  It looks like a garage, and has some nice storage features:
Looks like a garage, right?  Storage space for house parts, yard tools, ladders, and room to park bikes and other outdoor equipment.  There are shelves and cupboards for storing small stuff, too.

Next up - my favorite room.

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