Saturday, December 3, 2011

More sewing

Just showing several more of the tops I've made during my (soon to be over) basement dwelling. Since it isn't my house, I don't have many responsibilities right now, leaving time for crafts and sewing. I'll soon be helping my youngest daughter learn to sew, so she can make Christmas gifts.

On to the photos...

First up is the actual Jalie Scarf top, as designed. Only change was to raise the neckline about 1/2 inch or so (it needs to be higher...). The fabric was purchased at Mood LA a couple years ago when I was in CA on a business trip.

This top is the body from above overlay'd with a Kwik Sew pattern - 3658 from a couple seasons ago. I prefer the closer fit in the body and sleeves of the Jalie pattern, so I'm now using it as my Tried and True (TNT) T-shirt body. Fabric purchased from Treadle Yard Goods, for the express purpose of making this "wearable muslin". It is a basic rayon/lycra blend.

This is the patterns as I lined them up to trace. Since the front of the top is also dopped to the back shoulder, I had to figure out just how to line up the patterns. Took some minutes of puttering to line them up for tracing. I think the result was pretty good, no?

I have a couple more tops I've finished from the two Kwik Sew patterns, which I'll share once I get some pictures taken.

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