Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sewing... Again...

I have ignored blogging for the last year or so. I have good excuses - new job, new house, activities with my kids/grands, going out with friends, etc... I have also ignored sewing, completing very little over the last year or so.  Improvements happen - I have finally sewn up a bunch of new tops - some cut out long ago, some more recently.

First up - this frankenpattern created from the Jalie (tie neck top) body and Kwiksew 3658.  It is made out of a Rayon lycra blend purchased about a year ago at Ginny's Fine Fabrics and Support in Rochester MN.   It has 3/4 sleeves, and is very work appropriate.

Next up, this top made from a rayon lycra remnant purchased at Treadle Yard Goods.  The pattern is the Pleated Pia top from Style Arc, but gathered instead of pleated.
The next top is from the Ottobre Woman gathered front top from one of the earliest issues of the Woman specific issues.  I love the fit except for the sleeves, so I tend to make it sleeveless. No clue where the fabric came from or what the fiber content is - probably poly from SR Harris,
And this one is from the Jalie scarf tie top, with obvious changes...  Fabric is a rayon lycra from Treadle.
Not so sure there the fabric on this one came from - it is probably a cotton lycra blend.  The pattern is the Style Arc Pleated Pia top with 4 slightly deeper pleats rather than 6.
Another Ottobre gathered front top from a remnant purchased from Treadle Yard Goods.
And I do occasionally make patterns the way they are drafted - This is Jalie Scarf neck top from a rayon lycra, possibly purchased from a group buy.
Gathered neck top from Ottobre Woman again, fabric was from a group fabric buy.  Not sure of the fiber content.
And last up is Jalie 2682, v-neck top.  I believe this rayon lycra was also from Ginny's.  

Of the batch, I think the first will be a favorite, the sleeveless tops will likely get lots of wearing - perfect in the summer to wear to work with a sweater or jacket over the top.  I have more to sew...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Still doin'

It has been a while since I last posted...  Been busy trying to arrange the stuff that is already at my house, and make room for the rest of the stuff that I need to bring here (from Bob's house)...  I should take some photos of my studio space with all the boxes in it, a before image, as it were.  With help, I have several Ikea Expidit units up (still need many more...) to help organize my sewing, beading, and needlework supplies.  The units that are up look really nice - and are only filling room that can't be used for anything but storage anyhow - the head clearance is too low!  Have a desk to move up there for the sewing machine(s), but need to make room first.  The living room is coming along nicely as well - I have new-to-me coffee table and side tables, and just purchased the rest of the book cases for all my books.  Have a couple paint chips tucked up on the wall - still deciding what color I want to paint the living and dining room.  The decision is made a bit more difficult by the fact that the kitchen is open to those rooms.  Makes for a larger feel, but additional challenge for decorating.

Oh, well, off to work on the studio some more...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Short update...

It has been a couple weeks since the pod was emptied into my back porch.  Since the, I have been working, ever so slowly, on unpacking boxes.  Some days I'm proud to show off my new house, today, not so much.  Sometimes this unpacking and putting away is messier than not.  Trying for some semblance of order prior to leaving for a weekend ski trip in Bayfield WI on Friday.  Need to get some use out of those skis I bought, there hasn't been enough snow down here in the Cities to cross country ski, unless you go to one of the places that make snow...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Moving in day...

Today is the day that my stuff is moved from the pod into the house.  The weekend will be spent unpacking boxes (the next 6 months will no doubt be spent unpacking boxes).  It will almost be like Christmas!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Favorite Room - the Studio

The major selling point to me was the attic expansion space, also known as my Studio.

Looking at the front, south facing windows.  The knee walls are no more than 3 ft high, and probably less.  It will be challenging to figure out how to place working furniture in this room...

Looking from the windows to the north.  From here you can see the stairs down on the right, the walk in closet to the left.  The alcove on the left is my office area.  With some carefully placed Ikea Expidit units or book cases, I can partition the area off.

Looking up the stairs at the closet door, which has a full length mirror - perfect for fitting.  The little corner to the right of the stairs will be perfect for a small chair and side table for a handwork space.

Better, though off kilter, image of my "office" alcove.  I love the grey-blue walls.

An attempt to show how short the walls are.  The camera is about 5 feet or so off the floor.

The walk in closet.  The light is from a wall fixture on in the back of the closet.  I can't wait to get fabric shelves installed so I can see my stash instead of having to keep it in rubbermaid totes.

With any luck, this will be posted while I'm sitting at the title company, signing my life away!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One More Day to Closing!

Second batch of house photos... Back Hallway - from this vantage (just inside the stairway up), you can see both bedrooms, the doorway to the bathroom (on the right) and the linen closet.
Closet in the smaller bedroom.  I love the storage above the closet, good for spare bedding or out of season clothes.  Given there is no attic space and very little unfinished space in the house, these will be important storage spaces.

Small room from the doorway.

Bathroom - Love the glass block window - no need for curtians and allows plenty of light in.

Larger bedroom - most of the rooms have a ceiling fan - will probably be critical in the summer as the house doesn't have air conditioning.
Larger bedroom closet.  The small framing on the left wall of the closet is a clothes shoot. 

One of my favorite rooms - the 3 Season Porch.  There is at least one window on each wall.  The room is over a crawl space, and does not seem to be insulated. 

I hope to replace the window visible in the photo below with a door and a deck along the back of the house. I love the glass panel door into the porch. 

Other side of the porch.
Moving outside, we have the garage.  It looks like a garage, and has some nice storage features:
Looks like a garage, right?  Storage space for house parts, yard tools, ladders, and room to park bikes and other outdoor equipment.  There are shelves and cupboards for storing small stuff, too.

Next up - my favorite room.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Count Down to Closing!

We did the walk thru today.  All the parts that were in the contract are there, plus a few things I didn't ask for (but expected would be left - blinds, anyone?).  Unless something has come up with the mortgage since Friday evening, the closing will be Wednesday morning. 

So, anyone want the "before" tour?  Even if you don't, here it is...

Starting from the bottom up - the Basement:
Stairs coming down from the back door landing.
br />
Storage in the mechanicals area.

Laundry Room, aka the Dye Lab

And the other end of the Laundry. The closed door goes into the mechanicals room, the open door into hall.

Basement bathroom - entirely tile shower.

Hall from the bathroom door, mechanicals room behind the bifold doors, the door at the end of the hall is into the family room (aka the Man Cave).  I'm seeing a wall of bookcases lined up down the hallway.  Maybe a reading chair in one of the corners.

One end of the family room (I really like the warm gold color on the walls) the built in bookcase camouflages the gas line and water main.

More storage  on the left - this will likely be where the camping gear goes - room to hang sleeping bags, keep the Thermarest inflated, etc.

The other end of the family room, the door goes out to the hallway.We will need to get a sofa (sleeper?) for this room, and we will put the big TV in here.

Moving up one floor we have:

The Living and Dining Rooms
 Dining Room, looking at the buffet with the windows above.  Love all the windows in the public rooms of the house.  Three windows across the front in both the dining room and the living room, plus windows on either side of the front door.

Dining room looking into the kitchen.  The former owners had cookbooks along the shelf under the counter.

The Living Room - from the sun, you can see there are three windows across the front of this room, too.  Also, love the three windows matching the dining room on the end.  

Moving on, next is the Kitchen:

The kitchen is visible from the front door, so I will have to keep my kitchen neat.  The green counter is fine, but I'm not loving the red walls combined with the counter... We think there is hardwood beneath the flooring.  
Counter and bar between the kitchen and the dining room.  The strip along the back of the counter?  Outlets!  I have never had so many outlets in one room before - and especially not in the kitchen!

Tomorrow, the rest of the house - including my studio room!

Parting shot - Took a walk at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, near the Mall of America
Note the minimal amount of snow.
It was so warm walking I had to take off my jacket, despite the wind.  According to Accuweather, it got to 48 degrees today  No wonder there is no snow for skiing!