Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Favorite Room - the Studio

The major selling point to me was the attic expansion space, also known as my Studio.

Looking at the front, south facing windows.  The knee walls are no more than 3 ft high, and probably less.  It will be challenging to figure out how to place working furniture in this room...

Looking from the windows to the north.  From here you can see the stairs down on the right, the walk in closet to the left.  The alcove on the left is my office area.  With some carefully placed Ikea Expidit units or book cases, I can partition the area off.

Looking up the stairs at the closet door, which has a full length mirror - perfect for fitting.  The little corner to the right of the stairs will be perfect for a small chair and side table for a handwork space.

Better, though off kilter, image of my "office" alcove.  I love the grey-blue walls.

An attempt to show how short the walls are.  The camera is about 5 feet or so off the floor.

The walk in closet.  The light is from a wall fixture on in the back of the closet.  I can't wait to get fabric shelves installed so I can see my stash instead of having to keep it in rubbermaid totes.

With any luck, this will be posted while I'm sitting at the title company, signing my life away!

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