Thursday, February 4, 2016

Japan - Sewing Stuffs 4

As I have needle related hobbies other than sewing, I purchased several needlework books.  The are (clockwise from the upper left corner):
Bird Embroidery (no English on this book), Applique (again, no English), Oya Lace ( also known as Turkish or Albanian Needle Lace and again, no English), El Nanduti del Paraguay, and Dorset Button weaving (and again, no English)

Detail from the Bird Embroidery book:

Detail from the Applique book:

I felt the line drawings would make good embroidery patterns.

Detail from Oya Lace:

Detail from Dorset Buttons:

I missed taking pictures of three other books - one on sewing, two on needlework.  Those will be done in a future post.

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