Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Japan -Sewing Stuffs 2

I also did some notion shopping.  First stop was Misuyabari, the handmade needle shop (http://www.misuyabari.jp/) Purchased several of the boxes with the lids that fit so perfectly.

And also needs.  The box with the paper label is to store the packages of needles and includes a pair of stays to hold the needle packs in place.  The larger box to the right came with the snips holder (snips were extra), thimble and pincushion.  He small box at the bottom came with three pre-loaded thread cards, snips in a holder and a package of needles.  In addition, I purchased some of the pins with custom made decorations - but they are too small for me to successfully photograph.

Nomura Tailor had the most wonderful floor full of notions.  Starting at the upper left corner there are two packages of bra strap holders - these will be used on my sleeveless summer tops and dresses; measuring wheel used for measuring curved areas on patterns; bodkins for threading elastic or strings thru casing. The middle item is another variation on the bokin for pulling elastic through casings.
The bottom left items are forms to use as pins, cover with a pretty piece of fabric or a small embroidery, add a pin back, and you have a new pieces of jewelry.  The package on the bottom right is some woven iron on interfacing for light weight fabrics. 

Moving on to Idola, the bead and button shop, I have 4 packets of glass dust with hole (about a size 22 seed bead, or smaller), several embroidered appliques, and some cute wooden beads with faces painted on.

I could have purchased so much more, but money and weight were limitations...

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