Monday, February 1, 2016

Japan -Sewing Stuffs 1

During my two weeks in Japan, I had the opportunity to do some shopping. 

Due to space (and weight)limitations, I only purchased three cuts of fabric. 

From the left:  Cotton calico to be used for a childs dress, cotton lawn to make a top/tunic for me, and wool knit for a cardigan.  The cottons were made in Japan, not sure about the knit.

These are small pieces, mostly chirimen prints of unknown fiber.  The square pieces around the top and right are all cottons, mostly fat quarters - more or less.

All the fabrics were purchased at Nomura Tailor, the yardages and chirimen pieces from the larger store, the fat quarters from the smaller store. 

In addition I picked up a silk piece pack and some (couching?) threads from Habu (yarn shop with a few pieces of fabric)

Next up, sewing notions.

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  1. I love the bold prints. I really need to start planning my holidays around fabric shops!