Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Japan - Sewing Stuffs 3

No sewist's trip to Japan would be complete without purchasing some sewing and needlework books. 
Starting at the upper left is Everyday Clothes Simple and easy to mix-and-match, Kimono Remake, Men's Clothes for all Seasons, and Fu-Ko basics from the Heartwarming Life Series.

Garments included in Everyday Clothes Simple and easy to mix-and-match:

Garments included in  Fu-Ko basics:

Contents page with examples of garments from Men's Clothes for all Seasons:

And a couple pictures from Kimono Remake:

Two of the three women's pattern books have sizing that goes up to a LL (probably equal to a US L), the men's goes up to a 3L), I'm not sure what the size range is for the third book, and that doesn't worry me too much, the drafting instrutions are included - in pictures with metric measures. I have picked out several pieces from each book to have on my short list of future makes. 

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