Sunday, November 20, 2011

Still waiting, still...

The second mortgage co is to have their decision by the end of November. About 2 more weeks to wait. I've looked at other houses, but none of them have felt like a home to me. There is one acceptable "plan B" house, but... On paper it is perfect, the house just doesn't call to me like the plan A house.

So. Living in the basement is getting better - clothes tossed into the laundry come back clean and folded, meals are prepared. Given that there is minimal work for me to do here and scouting has wound down from the early fall chaos, I have started sewing again. My sewing area is a desk that three machines are on (or two on, one sits on the floor until needed). With this arrangement, I have completed 4 tops and mostly completed a dress (a wadder, I'm afraid...). Getting started on a couple more tops today.

I've now got my first "tried and true" pattern, the Jalie Scarf Neck top, which is now the basis for all knit tops I'm making. I did a version of the new Kwik Sew ruched neck top, using the Jalie as the body, adding on the neckline of KS 3915. Turned out fairly well. Today I'm working on KS 3658, same thing - using the Jalie to alter the KS pattern. Have the pattern traced, ready to pin & cut out. I'll have to search thru my patterns to see if there are any other t-tops that would also morph easily, since most of the fabrics I have here are lighter weight knits suitable for such tops. Not that "need" tops, but they are easy to sew and nice looking. I'll have to work on photos.

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