Sunday, November 27, 2011


While waiting for my house to become available, I am working on some sewing. The three tops below are a sample of what I have been doing.

Basic t-top, altered body from the Jalie Scarf Top, neckline raised to be a bit more "work appropriate" sort of...

Same top as above.

Kwik Sew (a new pattern - don't have the number at hand) traced off with the Jalie scarf top body (I prefer the fit of the Jalie body, including the close fitting sleeves.

The fabrics are all rayon blends from Treadle Yard Goods. Nice, soft, smooth knits.

I have another 4 tops to share, as soon as I can get the photos loaded. I also have the materials for a couple more knit tops, a couple of jackets (one to be a "wearable muslin"), and a blouse/tunic. I would like to also make/buy a pair of the close fitting jeans - to wear under the blouse.tunic... Have to wait and see - not sure they are my style...

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