Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sewing... Again...

I have ignored blogging for the last year or so. I have good excuses - new job, new house, activities with my kids/grands, going out with friends, etc... I have also ignored sewing, completing very little over the last year or so.  Improvements happen - I have finally sewn up a bunch of new tops - some cut out long ago, some more recently.

First up - this frankenpattern created from the Jalie (tie neck top) body and Kwiksew 3658.  It is made out of a Rayon lycra blend purchased about a year ago at Ginny's Fine Fabrics and Support in Rochester MN.   It has 3/4 sleeves, and is very work appropriate.

Next up, this top made from a rayon lycra remnant purchased at Treadle Yard Goods.  The pattern is the Pleated Pia top from Style Arc, but gathered instead of pleated.
The next top is from the Ottobre Woman gathered front top from one of the earliest issues of the Woman specific issues.  I love the fit except for the sleeves, so I tend to make it sleeveless. No clue where the fabric came from or what the fiber content is - probably poly from SR Harris,
And this one is from the Jalie scarf tie top, with obvious changes...  Fabric is a rayon lycra from Treadle.
Not so sure there the fabric on this one came from - it is probably a cotton lycra blend.  The pattern is the Style Arc Pleated Pia top with 4 slightly deeper pleats rather than 6.
Another Ottobre gathered front top from a remnant purchased from Treadle Yard Goods.
And I do occasionally make patterns the way they are drafted - This is Jalie Scarf neck top from a rayon lycra, possibly purchased from a group buy.
Gathered neck top from Ottobre Woman again, fabric was from a group fabric buy.  Not sure of the fiber content.
And last up is Jalie 2682, v-neck top.  I believe this rayon lycra was also from Ginny's.  

Of the batch, I think the first will be a favorite, the sleeveless tops will likely get lots of wearing - perfect in the summer to wear to work with a sweater or jacket over the top.  I have more to sew...

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